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Did you know that the two most common dental conditions are also the two most preventable? According to a recent publication from the American Dental Association, dental decay and gum disease can be almost entirely prevented with a combination of at-home oral care, regular checkups, and professional cleanings from your Palos Park dentist. At Mill Creek Dental Care, our dentists provide the comprehensive dental care required to help establish and maintain excellent oral health. Offering services ranging from preventative and restorative treatments, to emergency and cosmetic options, our experienced dentists can address the dental care needs of your whole family.

When it comes to dental care, your Palos Park dentist emphasizes a preventative approach. Dental decay and gum disease are brought about by poor oral hygiene, and your dentist encourages patients to get into a good oral care regimen. By brushing after meals, and flossing daily, you can do a lot to improve your oral health. Our dentists are excellent teachers when it comes to the best individualized methods for targeting hard to reach areas in your mouth. In accordance with the latest research, we recommend that patients come in for regular checkups and cleanings as part of their care regimen. By carefully monitoring the teeth, jaws, and gums, our dentists can spot and address dental conditions early on, when they’re easiest to treat. For patients of any age or condition of oral health, our dentists can advise you in the best methods for maintaining your oral health. Whether you wear dentures or other dental prostheses, have a baby with their primary teeth erupting, or have experienced the effects of gum disease in the past, we are well-prepared to provide you with the state-of-the-art care you deserve.

If you’d like to get your oral health on the right track, get in touch with your expert Palos Park dentist. Providing the encouragement, education, and outstanding treatment that patients should expect, come discover the difference that the professionals at Mill Creek Dental Care can make for you.

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