Invisalign Palos Park

Where can I find Invisalign in Palos Park?

At Mill Creek Dental, we are experienced providers of Invisalign Palos Park, IL, among the comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry available at our practice. Mill Creek Dental is a comprehensive dental practice, able to provide you and your family with general, preventive, restorative dental care;  we consider each patient’s treatment as unique, offering the high-quality smile care they need and deserve.

Invisalign Palos Park

Invisalign Palos Park is a state-of-the-art sequential teeth-straightening aligner system that is used to correct a number of undesirable malocclusions, which may include crowded teeth, spaced teeth, and misshapen or crooked teeth. When your doctors at Mill Creek Dental set you up with an Invisalign treatment plan, the process of creating your custom fabricated aligners will begin. Employing state-of-the -art 3D imaging technology to ensure a secure fit to the teeth and optimal comfort in the mouth, we create a custom prescription plan that is sent to a lab where your aligners are fabricated, with each step in the sequence designed to advance the progress of your teeth realignment. In most cases, an Invisalign Palos Park patient can expect to wear each aligner in the sequence for approximately two weeks.

In contrast to more traditional forms of orthodontic treatment, such as metal braces, Mill Creek Dental’s Invisalign Palos Park system has several advantages. The BPA-free plastic aligners are virtually invisible to the eye, which makes them a favorite treatment option for patients who wish to maintain their professional appearance. Patients report that, with clear Invisalign aligners, they feel significantly more confident in their personal and professional interactions. Additionally, the aligners are highly stain-resistant and will not discolor with everyday wear, and they are easily removable for short periods of time each day, allowing for remarkable ease when eating, brushing, and flossing.

Want to kick up that smile style? Go ahead, pick up the phone, and make an appointment today! Drs. Greci and Zentic-Greci of Mill Creek Dental can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that you will be proud to show off wherever you go. Consider Mill Creek Dental for all of your smile’s healthcare and enhancements.

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