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Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you feel as if straightening your teeth would enhance your confidence and willingness to show off your pearly whites? For many years, traditional forms of teeth straightening involved bulky metal appliances. Today, as a result of advances in modern dentistry, there are several methods of teeth alignment that are more streamlined, aesthetic as well as more comfortable to wear. One relatively recent alternative to conventional braces, Invisalign appliances offer remarkable results while being practically invisible to the rest of the world. If you are looking for a local Invisalign provider, look no farther than the office of Mill Creek Dental Care, a practice that many patients consider the best dentist in Palos Hills.

Best Dentist in Palos Hills

Invisalign appliances are essentially a system of clear BPA-free plastic aligners. A diagnostic work up and treatment plan as provided by the dentist will determine the number and exact specs of the appliances fabricated by the Invisalign laboratory. State-of-the-art 3D imaging technology ensures that each aligner in the series is precisely designed for each patient at every stage of care. Trays are worn each phase of the treatment and are exchanged for the next aligner approximately every two weeks. The exact length of treatment can vary depending on the complexity of the case and the extent of dental corrections that are required. Maintaining a position at the forefront of advanced dental technology and treatment modalities is one reason patients look to Mill Creek Dental Care as the best dentist in Palos Hills.

Invisalign has several advantages over traditional methods of aligning teeth. Most notably, they are virtually undetectable by your peers, relieving any anxiety felt towards revealing your smile at any point during the course of care. Because Invisalign is a series of smooth, slip-on mouth trays, there are no wires that can poke into your gums or cheeks. This also means that since no wires need to be changed or adjusted that less time is typically required for each dental visit. As Invisalign appliances are completely removable, it also makes it easy to maintain regular daily tasks such as eating and brushing your teeth. Simply slip off the trays and back on again when finished.

If you are seeking to treat misaligned teeth, contact an office with the reputation of being the best dentist in Palos Hills: Mill Creek Dental Care.  For more information, call our office today.


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