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Do you feel as though your smile has lost some its shine as a result of stains or other imperfections? Yellow or dull teeth can drastically reduce the level of luster displayed by your teeth and may even cause you to feel less than confident in professional and social interactions. However, thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, this can all be remedied. Whether age, tobacco used, certain food or beverages or medications have taken a toll on the color of your smile, consider your 60464 dentist Mill Creek Dental.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental option that is being widely marketed everywhere. In fact, you may have noticed several teeth whitening options on the shelves at some drugstore chains. While these products may be convenient, they simply cannot guarantee the same safe and outstanding professional results you will get at Mill Creek Dental. Our office

60464 Dentist

offers two exceptional services to give you a whiter, brighter smile. Our first, most recommended approach is our advanced in-office tooth whitening procedure. The biggest advantage of this approach is that drastic changes will occur in just a one-hour session, leaving your teeth several shades whiter than their original hue. Our other method of teeth whitening is a professional strength take-home kit. This approach includes custom mouth trays fabricated by the dentist that are paired with a dental-grade whitening solution. While this top-of-the-line kit offers highly pleasing results and with the comfort and convenience of doing the procedure at home, the whitening occur more gradually than the in-office procedure. It happens over the course of days.  In some cases a combined approach may be recommended by your 60464 dentist; using both options to perfect or renew the result.

If you interested in enhancing the appearance of your smile, consider Mill Creek Dental. Our high quality teeth whitening systems can ensure you see outstanding results with little effort. For more information on restoring the allure of your smile with your 60464 dentist, call our office today.


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